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Why we love Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea

Clary sage was a bountiful and beautiful surprise for us this year. As a biennial, meaning that it blooms and usually dies after its second year of growth, this beauty quickly became a surprising favorite for us.

While clary sage boasts a stunning lavender, pink, and white flower, this plant also has an intoxicating smell.

We loved using clary sage in bouquets. Every time we stripped the leaves, readying them for a bouquet, we couldn’t get over the smell the stems left on our hands.

This left us wondering- what else can this plant possibly be used for?

Medicinal Uses

Beyond being a gorgeous plant and flower, clary sage also has numerous documented and traditional medicinal uses. 

This plant is most commonly used as an essential oil. Essential oils from this plant are created by harvesting the buds and leaves and then steam distilling them.

You can also harvest the leaves and flowers of clary sage to use in cooking and to brew as a tea.

Clary sage is very well known to aid in balancing hormones, which may also help us to understand why it’s shown to relieve menstrual cramps.

In menopausal women, it has been shown that inhaling clary sage oil can shift certain neurotransmitter concentrations and decrease cortisol levels. This has an antidepressant effect.

Clary sage has also been shown to increase blood circulation and decrease blood pressure, and it’s useful in relaxation as well. All of these factors also promote strong cardiovascular health. 

Historical & Traditional Uses

And while there are significant modern studies performed on clary sage, it also has an incredible history. It gathers the name “clary” from the latin word “clarus,” meaning clear. Clary sage was used in many cultures from the Middle Ages and in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a way to prevent occular degeneration, improve vision, and clear the eye of irritation.

On top of the proven benefits, I also find a spiritual assist when I use this plant.  Not drawing upon any particular study or research, I find myself uplifted and joyous in the company of this plant.

I have found this particular sage to truly be a wise ally in guiding and clearing my spirits.

Clary Sage for Health & Immunity

Parts Used

  • Essential oils
  • Flowers, fresh or dried
  • Leaves, fresh or dried

How to Use

  • Cleansing facial steam
  • Eye wash to remove irritants
  • Tea to promote relaxation, good circulation, and balanced hormones
  • In cooking, as an herb

Where to Purchase

Emily is a plant whisperer and a member of the Sea Change Farm team.

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