An Intimate Catskills Elopement

We are well into Spring, but I wanted to take a little break from tulips and share some photos and a story from a lovely, intimate, wintertime wedding with you.

This couple, Hadley & Andrea, had been planning to have a big 150-person wedding–then, covid happened.

Rather than cancel altogether, H & A decided to scale their wedding way down and celebrate their love with their immediate family. They rented an airbnb rather than a full-scale wedding venue and had the ceremony in the backyard.

I was so honored to be there with this small and loving family! It was a really special day. Also, both H & A looked amazing. That dress? Those boots? That suit?? So cool!

Hadley & Andrea got married in January when fresh flowers are a rare treat. For their flowers, I used a mix of fresh and dried materials. I love the wild, golden look that dried flowers have, and I was thrilled that the wedding couple embraced that look as well!

There was one other really sweet moment. In memory of Andrea’s father, Hadley had his photograph made into a small pin that we attached to Andrea’s boutonniere. I thought this was such a moving and touching way to include him in the day.

I just got these photos (from the very talented Par la Mer Photography ) and they were actually featured on the Junebug Weddings blog! You can see my full gallery here. I hope this beautiful, sun-soaked love story brings you as much joy as it brings me 🙂

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