Meet your Farmer-Florist

“Hi, I’m Samantha! I’m the founder of Sea Change Farm & Flower.

I care deeply about feeling connected to nature, and connecting other people with nature.

Flowers have the power to bring nature into the lives, homes, and celebrations of so many people!

I love flowers of all kinds. I love flower arrangements that are wild & organic, with texture and feeling.

I have a background in sculpture installation, so I get really excited about creating custom floral pieces for our wedding clients: things like floral arches, floral staircase installations, and other flower sculptures.

I am thrilled to be your farmer-florist.”

Committed to Local

We aim for 100% locally-grown flowers in all our design work.

The standard bouquet carries a huge carbon footprint: most flowers sold in the US are flown in from other countries.

We source flowers from our own farm, and from a
network of other flower farms in the Hudson Valley.

When flowers are local & seasonal, they have a special energy to them.

Read more about our flower sources

Our Growing Practices

We use organic growing practices on our flower farm.
No scary chemicals on our flowers!

We practice no-till methods on our farm, and are always adding more regenerative farming techniques to our toolbelt.

We believe in farming in a way that is sustainable: meaning, it builds & sustains the soil, sustains our flowers, and sustains local pollinators.

What does the name mean?

The farm’s name comes from something a friend said to Samantha when she was figuring out what to do with her life:

‘Good luck with your sea change!

A “sea change” is a shifting of winds, a changing of tides, a movement in great currents around us. 

The name Sea Change is a nod to the growing power of the Slow Flowers movement, a larger shift in how we think about flowers.

We are excited to contribute to this change in perspective.