Top 10 Dahlias for Your Cutting Garden

We love dahlias!

That’s a bit of an understatement… I’m borderline obsessed with these gorgeous flowers.

If you’ve grown dahlias before, I’m sure you know what I mean 😉 if you haven’t, then let me invite you to give these fantastic plants a try. You won’t regret it!

To get you feeling inspired about your own cutting garden this spring, here are our top 10 favorite cutting dahlias to add to your collection.

1. Cornel Bronze

This is a tried and true dahlia for us!  Every year, without fail, it grows a healthy, sturdy plant, and numerous flowers.  Its flowers are ball-shaped, so they have a great vase life and also dry well.

2. Rip City

For all the goth gardeners out there, Rip City is the one for you!  With its almost-black coloring and wavy-shaped petals, this dahlia has decidedly a witchy vibe.  A reliable bloomer and tuber producer.

3. Coralie

Coralie: my favorite dahlia in 2022!

Coralie made more flowers this year than any other dahlia that we grew.  She’s got a beautiful pastel coloring that helps her blend well into lots of different color palettes.

4. Blizzard

The most reliable white dahlia in our collection, Blizzard made lots and lots of beautiful pure-white flowers for us this year. 

Great for wedding flowers!

5. Snoho Doris

With her pink-orange-yellow sunset coloring, Snoho Doris’ blooms seem to glow from within. 

Snoho Doris produces a steady stream of flowers in our dahlia patch, and makes lots of healthy tubers as well.

6. Maarn

We’ve been growing Maarn since year 1 of Sea Change, and it’s one of the varieties we’ll always grow. 

Its flowers are abundant, and a cheery tangerine-color that will brighten up any room in your house.

7. Diva

Diva is aptly named!  She makes large, in-charge, vivid purple flowers. 

Diva’s chunky, richly-colored blooms are the kind that make people stop and say, “ooh!”

8. Miss Brandy

We have a bumper crop of Miss Brandy tubers this year, because we accidentally doubled up our planting.  But we’re not mad, because she’s gorgeous. 

Fiery flowers on a shorter plant make Miss Brandy a great choice for container growing.

9. Pink Sylvia

This is a cousin to Maarn, mentioned above!  They both share a lot of great characteristics.

Pink Sylvia is a bright hot pink, with enchanting silver edging on its petals.  This one makes loads of vibrant, fun flowers, and would be a great addition to any cutting garden.

10. Omega

If you want to add a real show-stopper to your garden this year, look no further! 

Omega’s flowers are huge, and they have a shaggy look that’s really unique.  They aren’t the longest-lasting cut flower ever, but these blooms are so impressive-looking that we don’t even mind.

If you know any fellow dahlia fans who are growing their own dahlias this year, please share this with them!  We love these reliable varieties, and think they are a great first choice for growing dahlias. 

All of these varieties (and more) will be available on our tuber store soon!  I’ll send an email to our newsletter subscribers with the opening date and time (you can sign up for that here!). 

I hope this little guide is helpful as you start to dream about your own garden this year.  Happy imagining!

Samantha is the owner of Sea Change Farm & Flower.

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