Meet Your Flower Farmers

We have an amazing team of flower farmers this year at Sea Change Farm. Please say hello to the wonderful folks who work hard tending our fields and who bring our beautiful blooms to life 🙂


“Hey there, my name is Emily.  I spent years gardening and farming before I got to Sea Change and honestly, at first, I thought flowers were not my jam!

After working with Sam at Sea Change, it drastically shifted how I admire and view the world of flowers.  I started working with Sam right before the pandemic, and as the world shut down, the flowers blossomed.

Flowers were a gateway for me into small yet profound acts of beauty and pleasure and joy.  They brought delight and wonder into my life in a unique way.

I felt excitement and awe showing up to the farm every day and since then, I still get so much joy from experiencing each new bloom as the seasons shift.”

What’s your current favorite flower?

“My current favorite flower is nigella. I love how weird and wild and mystical it is.”


“Heyyy, my name is Censi and I started working at Sea Change after reconnecting with Sam serendipitously a couple years ago.

I was hit by the love-of-flowers bug a few years ago, when I developed a large house plant collection that outgrew my tiny house. I was forced to move outside if I wanted to allow my plant obsession to continue.

I adore being amongst plants and feeling their life and vibrancy around me, when they explode into colorful flowers its like the icing on the cake!”

What’s your current favorite flower?

“My favorite flower currently blooming is probably the Daucus carota… we’re growing such a moody mix and I adore the feeling of Victorian picnic in the evening by candle light vibes it gives!”


“Hi — my name is Maggie!  You may recognize me from the farmer’s market.

It’s my first season with Sea Change and I’m loving learning about and playing with the flowers.

Bringing the flowers to the market and seeing others fall in love with them too makes the experience even more fulfilling!”

What’s your current favorite flower?

“Right now my favorite flowers are the rudbeckia and the nigella!”


“I started Sea Change in 2018 after getting thoroughly tired of working in an office as a software developer.  It was a big change and an …interesting… first season or two, but I’m so thrilled with the way the farm and I have grown over the past 4 seasons.

I love flowers because they are ephemeral!  It’s a little weird and a little morbid, but the way that flowers burst into life and color, then softly fade is a reminder to me every day to live in the present and appreciate the now.”

What’s your current favorite flower?

“I love all our flowers, but especially textural and/or brown flowers, so my current favorite coming out of the fields is the rudbeckia sahara, with dancing silene as a close second!”

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