Fall Favorite: Succulent Sedum

We know we’ve turned a corner into our fall season when the sedum starts to bloom.

Sedum, or stonecrop, is a succulent perennial that holds its flowers on tall, strong stems. It blooms in a flat-topped umbel shape.

When the sedum comes on, it comes on all at once! The fluffy flower heads en masse form a pillowy landscape straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Sedum is a fast-growing and tough perennial. Every few years, we need to divide it, or it will grow too dense and crowded. That also makes it a gift that keeps on giving!

We have multiple generations of sedum in our little patch.

Our oldest sedum plants have been divided twice already in their short lives, most recently in 2021 when we moved them to our new field from our previous farm.

Most years, I add new sedum to our collection, because I love how sturdy these plants are.

They are also a great bee plant, and we always seed bees buzzing around these flowers when they are blooming.

This year, the new addition to our sedum patch is a variety called “Peach Pearls.” It’s a really unique color for sedum, dark-stemmed with peachy-terracotta florets.

I love the look of it–I’m a sucker for all things moody! I am hoping that it grows taller next year, so that we can use it in our market bouquets and larger arrangements.

We usually wait for the sedum to bloom to start using it, but it’s also possible to cut it earlier in the season, when it’s budded up and still green.

Sedum has an exceptional vase life, sometimes lasting for weeks on end. It will always be the last thing left when all the other flowers in an arrangement fade.

In fact, if you keep your sedum in clean water, it will likely start to form little roots while in the vase. Then you can plant it and start your own sedum patch!

So, sedum: Another fall favorite to add to the list along with apple picking, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Samantha is the owner of Sea Change Farm & Flower.

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