Candy Store Crush

Erin & Aaron got married in May and had an intimate backyard ceremony in the mountain town of Woodstock, NY and asked us to be their florist. I’m so happy to have been a part of their sweet micro-wedding!

I asked Erin to share a bit about their love story, and this is what she told me:

“We met when we were 12, but shared no more than a smile in a candy store…

…we didn’t talk or see each other again until 25 years later.”

“We fell in love over the phone and finally went on our first date in Santa Fe, nm. He moved to be with the kids and me in Sonoma, ca.

Now, we’re married, and we have moved home to where we grew up. I’m a painter, he designs custom furniture, and the kids are having the time of their lives being 12 and 9. We also have a sweet dog named Stella.”

“We decided to elope because of covid-19 (of course!).

It was a dream come true–we could truly see each other without distraction, we remember every detail.”

This little family was full of personality! They chose a vintage-inspired style for their elopement, with an amazing necklace and brown suits, and we wanted their A la Carte flowers to match. We used bold, warm jewel-tone colors, and included fun textures like bleeding heart and vines in their bouquets.

It’s not often that I get to make matching mother-daughter bouquets 🙂

Erin & Aaron will be having a large wedding reception in September, but I’m so happy that we could be a part of their lovely family ceremony this spring.

These beautiful photos were all taken by Emily Martens.

Samantha is the owner of Sea Change Farm & Flower.

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