3 Reasons I Love Working With Flowers

I love floral arranging! Maybe this is obvious, because I’ve chosen to grow and arrange flowers as a career.

But I really, truly, do love this work that we do at Sea Change.

So today, I wanted to share the top 3 reasons why I love it! If you’re on the fence about trying your hand at floral arranging, maybe this will give you the push you need to get started.

1. I Love Spending Time with Flowers

I am in the lucky position of being a flower farmer, which means I get to spend lots of time with flowers and flowering plants.

But when I am acting as a farmer, I have a lot on my mind: Is this plant getting enough water? Enough sun? Enough support & fertilizer?

When I am arranging flowers, I get to let go of all those concerns and really spend time with the lovely blooms themselves.

We live in a high-paced world, where we consume hundreds of images daily, and are always bouncing our attention from thing to thing to thing.

It’s a luxury to spend looking at just one thing, and looking as long as you want to look.

I love having the space to really see and discover each flower, getting to know it as I find the perfect spot to place it in my arrangement.

2. Every Floral Arrangement is Unique

No two flowers are alike, and so no two arrangements are alike, either.

We can follow “flower recipes” to make “identical” arrangements, but they will each still have their own little quirks about them.

No two weeks are the same in our flower fields. As one plant finishes its floral display, another is just setting buds, and a third is reaching peak bloom time.

One year, peonies may overlap with tulips, and we’ll have a glorious time combining those flowers together in arrangements. The next year, our peonies may come on later, perhaps with some super early-blooming lisianthus for a new combination.

Every week we have different ingredients at our fingertips, and this keeps our arrangements endlessly unique and interesting.

I also get to witness the slow transitions from Spring to Summer to Fall through these ever-changing flowers. This makes me feel connected to the seasons and to Nature in a very specific way.

3. Flowers are Fleeting

Floral arrangements are made even more special because they are fleeting.

I used to make art in a more classical sense. I sketched, painted, and made sculptures. After a while, especially when I was producing a lot of work, it got to be a burden to store all of these art objects! I’m pretty sure some of my college-era sculptures are still in my parents’ garage (sorry, Mom and Dad).

I kept those sculptures because it was too hard to let go of them!

Flowers make that decision for you, though. They force you to let go of them as they fade and slowly die.

This is the saddest and most beautiful part of floral arranging! The idea that you can’t hold onto it. The flowers have their time of brilliance, and that’s that.

Flowers remind me to be present and give my full attention to the things happening in my life.

Floral arranging has taught me so much about fully embracing something, and then letting it go.

I love flowers, and I love to share my love of flowers!

How can I help you get more flower medicine in your life? What do you love about flowers? Let me know!

Samantha is the owner of Sea Change Farm & Flower.

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