Sea Change Farm & Flower is a small flower growing operation based out of Kingston, NY.  At Sea Change, we employ sustainable growing methods to keep chemicals off our flowers.

Meet your farmer

Hi, I’m Samantha!

I left New York City and moved upstate when I realized that I care deeply about connecting people with nature. Plus, weekend hiking trips were just not making up for all those hours in the concrete jungle.

Maybe you can relate?

When I first left the city, I served on an Americorps crew that built hiking trails. This was a big step for me, and an incredible experience. But, not everybody has the time, access, or physical ability to connect with nature through hiking.

Flowers, on the other hand, have the power to bring nature into the lives and homes of so many people!

My formal background is in software engineering, which sounds hugely different from farming. And it is! But, farmers actually do a TON of problem-solving, and I’m excited to use my problem-solving skills in something physical instead of code.

I am so excited to enter my first full growing season at Sea Change, and to be your flower farmer.

What about the name?

The name Sea Change comes from something a friend said to me when I left the city in search of a life closer to nature:

“Good luck with your sea change, Sam!”

A “sea change” is a shifting of the winds, a changing of tides, a movement in great currents around us.  As well as being a major shift in this farmer’s life, the name Sea Change is a nod to the growing power of the Slow Flowers movement, a larger shift in how we think about flowers.  I am excited to contribute to that change in perspective, and to help people realize the value and incomparable beauty of flowers grown locally, seasonally, and in environmentally responsible ways.