Our spring veggie+flowers combo CSA is sold out! Thank you so much for your interest. Our flowers-only CSA sessions still have spots available 🙂

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*Special Edition* Spring Veggie CSA – Sold Out

This year, we are offering a special edition Sea Change Farm combo vegetable-flowers CSA. This special CSA will run for 6 weeks, from April 29 through June 3, with contactless curbside farm pickup or home delivery on Wednesdays.

All produce from Sea Change Farm & Flower will always be handled and distributed with an abundance of caution, while wearing gloves and face masks.

What’s in My Share?

Each week your share will include 5-9 edible items plus one bunch of flowers.  Get ready for things like baby kale, broccoli raab, fresh herbs, kohlrabi (farmer Sam’s favorite vegetable), asian greens, spring onions, golden beets, rainbow swiss chard, microgreens, tulips, ranunculus, and more!

What is an “item” ?

An “item” is a unit we’re using to measure veggies in this box, and it depends on the vegetable.  An item might be a bunch of swiss chard or kale, several large beets, a carton of sugar snap peas, a head of lettuce, a bunch of radishes, a bag of microgreens or sunflower shoots, a bundle of fresh herbs, etc.  Your share will include 5-9 edible items each week.  As the season progresses and the weather warms up, later distributions will have more bountiful boxes than earlier weeks.

Sliding Scale Pricing

The suggested base price for this vegetables+flowers CSA is $30/week.  However, please consider adding on a donation if you can afford to do so.  This will allow us to provide community-funded shares at a lower cost to people who have lost their jobs or are incurring other hardships due to COVID-19.

We know that this is a difficult financial time for a lot of people.  If you can’t afford the base price and want to receive a community-funded share, please email us at flowers@seachange.farm!  If you need to set up a payment plan rather than paying the entire amount now, please also email us at flowers@seachange.farm.

Home Delivery and Contact-less Curbside Pickup

We offer home delivery for $5 to the following zip codes: 12401, 12404, 12411, 12419, 12440, 12443, 12471, 12472, 12484, and 12486.  If you live in a different zip code, we will offer contact-less curbside pickup in Accord.  Pickup and deliveries will happen on Wednesday, exact times TBD.

Sea Change Flower CSA – Sign Up Here

Our sustainably-grown fresh flowers change with the seasons, from anemones and ranunculus in late spring, to zinnias and sunflowers in high summer, to dahlias and chrysanthemums come fall.

Our hand-picked CSA bouquets feature a delightful blend of whatever is blooming each week. Bring the beauty of the moment inside to grace your table!

What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a model where you can support your local farm by buying a share of what they grow that season.

When you buy a flower subscription through our CSA, you’re essentially giving yourself a slice of our flower field. Minus all the dirt and worms, of course.

How it works

Subscriptions are by seasonal, there’s one each for spring, summer, and fall. Each week of your subscription, on Tuesday, we will assemble a bouquet of that week’s finest blooms just for you, to be picked up from our farm in Stone Ridge. If you are unable to make it to pickup, you can always send a friend.

Sign up!

Weekly bouquets of our flowers are also available through Solid Ground Farm, as an add-on for existing veggie CSA members 🙂