On This Harvest Moon

Buckets full of colorful dahlias

Today I learned that the beautiful full moon we had last night is called the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that falls closest to the Fall equinox, and it’s a symbol of transition. It’s no coincidence that it falls just as we’re starting to feel a chill in the air and a much-awaited drop in the humidity.

As its name states, though, the Harvest Moon is also a symbol of reward and plans coming to fruition. This is certainly true at Sea Change, where I’ve suddenly found myself with a bountiful harvest of late summer flowers. Best of all, the dahlias are now appearing in full force.

The Season of the Dahlia

Oh, dahlias. Apart from maybe peonies, I have never seen a flower that inspires more adoring sighs, appreciative cooing, or full-on frenzy at the farmer’s market.

I think of dahlias like the rock stars of the flower world: loud, colorful, and show-stopping. Dahlias come in many shapes and colors. I especially love the ball-shaped dahlias, which have mesmerizing concentric rows of tiny little petals.

small white ball dahlia Camano Zoe
red Cornel dahlias
colorful dahlia bouquet with large orange dahlia Jowey Linda

Dahlias grow from tubers that look a bit like a sweet potato (fun fact: they are edible, too). The tubers are expensive, with some of the more rare and sought-after varieties costing $20 each! That’s a pricey sweet potato!

Thankfully, dahlia tubers can be saved from year to year. They multiply as well, so my dahlia tuber purchases this year are an investment in the farm’s future.

dahlia tubers being planted in the spring
Cafe au lait dahlia

With their intricate petals, dahlias don’t ship well, so they are a crop grown almost exclusively by small flower growers and sold almost exclusively in local markets. If you find dahlias at Shop Rite, I’ll be very surprised! To snag some of these seasonal beauties you’ll have to head to your local farmers’ market.

I’m already excitedly selecting new varieties to add to my dahlia collection next season… watch me blow my whole seed budget on one crop.

bouquets of fresh fall flowers
hand holding sunflower bouquet

Come Find Me at Market!

I’ll be bringing my Harvest Moon bounty to the Woodstock farmer’s market this week as a pop-up vendor, and possibly next week as well. This is my first farmer’s market, so if you live in the area, please come by and say hello! There will be ~~dahlias~~ 😉

For the next few weeks, you can also find bouquets chock full of Sea Change flowers at the Damn Good Honey farmstand. Their honey, as the name implies, is daaaamn good, so treat yourself to some of that, too, if you’re heading down on route 209.

Late summer is proving to be a very busy time here at the farm, so I’ll wrap this up now. But, I do have a few things I’m excited to write about soon, including my plans for expanding the farm next year, an article about some no-till growing methods I’ve been trialing, and a feature on local soap makers. You heard it here first, folks!

I wish you a wonderful start to fall! May the Harvest Moon rise over your own personal bounty.

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