The Tulips Have Risen

If you got my first-ever newsletter, you may remember me talking about tulips as “early risers,” some of the first flowers to wake up with the Spring.

In the Fall, I packed hundreds of tulip bulbs into about twelve square feet and crossed my fingers. And they are finally here! Breaking up through the ground in waves–like last week’s Game of Thrones episode, except way less terrifying (wait…you haven’t watched it?)

Cut flower growers really pack their tulip bulbs in there, like eggs in a carton. This extra-close spacing leads to extra-tall stems. I’m seeing the pay-off now: some of my tulips are over two feet tall!

This time of year, you can find tulips being sold in every grocery store. But, the varieties that specialty growers like me choose to grow are unique. We grow rare double-flowered beauties, flouncy fringed tulips, shy species tulips, and playful parrot types. I bet you haven’t seen the likes of these in your local Shop Rite!

Meanwhile, Back in the Plant Room…

It’s full on seed-a-palooza! Though we still have a frosty chill in the air some nights, it is high time to start flowers from seed inside. In fact, I’ve been starting seeds since the beginning of March. The seeds I’m planting this week should bloom in the middle of summer.

My crop-planning google spreadsheet is elaborate–nay, majestic!–and it has me scheduled to start new seeds every week from now until July.

“Why not seed all at once?” you might ask. Well, first, it’s too overwhelming. There’s only so much Netflix and seeding I can take!! Especially when I have to watch intense things like last week’s Game of Thrones episode (…you still haven’t watched it??)

More importantly, seeding consistently every week should translate into a consistent flower harvest. Most flowers have a short bloom window, so I need to stagger my plantings in order to have continual blooms.

It feels amazing to see these tulips, it’s really starting to feel like a flower farm over here. I hope you’re enjoying Spring as much as I am, and if you have tulips in your yard, protect them from those hungry deer!

Before I go, here’s a reminder that if you’re local, you can get a fresh bouquet of our flowers every week through our CSA. Psst… you know who might love that? Mom!

I’m so excited for things to start coming together at the farm. There’s a TON of field work and land prep and planting and other odd jobs ahead, but also the promise of a beautiful, flower-filled season.

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